Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween!!

So tonight we carved our pumpkins.

Me and Heidi did one.

And Wil and Jesse did one too!

Which one do you like better??
We are having a friendly competition...

We plan on giving out candy to the little ones of the neighbourhood on Friday, should be fun!

Tomorrow I am posting a new MOOSE PROJECT pillow on Etsy.. Ohh I bet you cant wait to see it..
Here is a wee sneak peak..

Oh and please do let us know about the pumpkins, we really want to know which one is the best..

P.S. Always remember, Moose Love You.


Anne said...

i chamy mind i like yours and heidi's

Brook said...

I like yours the best.

kim* said...

ya i like yours too its a tad bit more creative...ok way more! lol

Wil Murray said...

Note the pumpkin stogie in the mouth of mine and Jesse's...THAT"S CREATIVITY and hilarity. We vote for ours.

Ashley Bilodeau said...

ya.. whatever.. ours still wins!

Anonymous said...

je vote pour la citrouille de ASHLEY car elle est la plus belle!


Estela said...

I vote yours&heidi's!
I want to carve a pumpkin :(

pompberry said...

I vote for yours, Ashley!
You guys did a great job... very creative!

But I expected something more moosey from you! hahahaha!