Monday, October 20, 2008

Iron and stuff, iron and stuff.

Hey everybody!

 Today I am stuffing 6 pillows. That's right. The first 6 pillows by MOOSE PROJECT. Oh how exciting. There will finally be things to sell! Hooray! 

Keep checking for pictures. They should be up soon. Maybe I'll do it one by one..

Ok.. off to work..


OY, I almost forgot. I've got a new banner. Did you notice??? A very sweet girl I met on Etsy made it for me for free. I told so many of my friends about this random act of kindness. 
Her name is Fernanda, check out her blog she's awesome!

1 comment:

pompberry said...

6 pillows?! Dang! I wanna see them all!!! hahaha

And I just got all "awww" with the mention! I'm really glad you liked the banner... I'm just happy that I was able to meet a really nice person online.
Most people just don't care or are too bored to even try to meet others.