Monday, October 13, 2008

Late nights..

Ok, so it's late but I just had to show everyone my 6th moose front. This might just be my fav, since it's moving into a new style and made me think up a gazillion other pillows..
Here is a sneak peak at the very primitive stage of one of my pillows.
YAY! Moose Project!

Oh and I also baked up some muffins using extra left over baked pumpkin from the pie I made for Erin and Gav's thanksgiving party! Pumpkin, carrots, orange zest... yum..

I just got these great stamps, I love the font. It will make for adorable tags. Can't wait!

Thanks for reading,


glassidentities said...

hey :) I am so excited to meet whole house has become a moose project with the remodle and I am looking forward to adding some of your moose to it :)

pompberry said...

heeey I want some of those muffins!