Monday, October 13, 2008

happy happy thanksgiving!!!!

Today, Wil and I went to Le Marche DeMaisonneuve, it was awesome. So awesome in fact, that we brought home two huge pumpkins.. They were quite heavy to be carrying home about 12 blocks. We did it and now our fall look is complete.. tee hee..


OOhhh I cant wait to post pictures of the pillows once they are complete. I've just been working on the slips, the most creative part. Once I've finished at least 10, I will stuff them all at the same time. I am getting support from all over the place. I want to finish a whole bunch so people can offer them as Christmas presents. MOOSE PILLOWS make for wicked good Christmas presents!!!! Yay... back to work so you can all get a look..

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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