Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spending time with moose thoughts.

I've been sewing and stitching alot and it's been good. Wil is gone this week-end so I get the place to myself, which is also good. I get to dance around and sew until 4am.

Me and Heidi are going to a church sale this afternoon, I'm mostly checking for fun detail stuff and maybe a winter coat. BRRRRR it's cold out.. Winter is definitely on it's way. 
This week is my last week of work at the office. I'm pretty pumped to be working on MOOSE PROJECT full time!!!! My hands will be a wreck and my heart will be warm. I'm really nervous when it comes to peoples reactions to my work.. Telling people at the bar last night that I am quitting my job for MOOSE PROJECT was a bit tense. They gave me a "are you serious" look. Meh... I know I can try to do it. And I know someone out there will see how much love, time and thought is put into each piece I create. 
My next moose will be farting hearts. It's gonna be awesome! haha

Thanks for reading. 

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