Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh Yes!! Go Etsy Shop Go!

Ya, so last night I opened my brand spanking new Etsy Shop! Hooray for me!!!!

I will be adding a draft stopper and a mobile and of course more pillows very shortly...
If you click on the link right there

You'll see my pillows which can be bought using Paypal.

I am assuming everyone will be running to my shop to buy all 3 pillows I have posted..
and well, if not, then just leave me a kind word!
tee hee

have a good day Moose Lovers.


Moose Love you, too!

1 comment:

Fernanda said...

hahah! AWSOME!
I wish I could buy the yellow moose pillow... it's so shiny and bright *-*

but no, I wasn't robbed while comming from school, it was while going to school. At 7AM! Can you believe it?! xP