Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!!! you can also just say MEOW!

Hello All,

I convinced Wil to let me draw a nose and whiskers onto his face and dress up in black, just like me. We were cats..
We gave out a huge bold of candy. At one point there was even a line up of kids outside our door.. It was all too funny..

Me and Wil gave out treats dressed up as Cats!

The extensive line up outside our door!!!! We obviously had the best treats on the block!

I know I had promised to post my new pillow yesterday but I couldn't for the likes of me get good shots of it..
so I am off to find a good location for pillow pictures.
I will post them later..


Hope you all had a great Halloween..

P.s. Moose Love You, even more than candy...


Brook said...

hahaah you have a good boyfriend!!! Mine would never let me dress him like a cat!! you both look cute though!

kim* said...

super, halloween was invisible to me this year. i was too busy :)

w said...

i'm impressed.

i wanted to draw on my hubby's face for halloween. he wanted nothing to do with it.

i don't see what the big deal was. i just wanted to write "bacon" on his forehead. it would have gone perfectly with the "sa-sa-sa-sizzle" on mine.

Ashley Bilodeau said...