Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ok, so the quilt isnt finished yet.

Tomorrow I am bringing 3 pillows to the cafe I work at. They have a sweet little showcase in the entrance and have said I can display my pieces there if I want to! Woo Hooo! It will be the first time I will be showing them in public, on display. (Other than on Etsy)... One of the regulars said he might be interested in the the yellow set!
That would be A1 since I am really broke and dont have any funds for Christmas presents...

In other good news, a friend called me up and said he would be needing my stylist skills soon, which also means extra gift money for Christmas. Bonus, I get to brush up on fashion a bit without the annoyance of a 9-5 job. :) I am pretty excited about that!

Here is a photo of Wil and I on the greyhound going to Ottawa for his solo show. What an awesome round up of great work.
For more info on the show check out it's in Ottawa, Canada.

and a random photo of a man at the bus station...

Oh and I wanted to say thanks to all the readers of Moose Project for their friendly kick in the arse. I needed a wee shove to get back to it. Thanks ladies. :)


Brook said...

thats cool they are letting you put your work on display!!! FUN FUN!!! Where have you been sister?

kim* said...

Blogging totally helps us to be inspired. keep on doing it!