Sunday, September 21, 2008

MOOSE PROJECT - Sneak peaks

I've been hard at work in my teeny studio today. The sun was shining and I thought, "what a great opportunity to take pictures of what I am working on. Here is a glimpse of some vintage fabrics I have been working with. 

Yesterday was filled with a grandiose breakfast and thrift store shopping with Heidi from home baked. I found this beautiful horse standing there alone in the electronics department. Heidi and I discussed whe
ther or not I really needed such a thing. But it was just so fun, I couldn't leave it behind. Now it keeps me company while I stitch away at my pillows.


Kyo said...

That horse is huge! Good luck Ashley!

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness! That horse! The size! It's gotten me so excited I am unable to type complete sentences.