Saturday, September 20, 2008


Deciding to stop working in the apparel wholesale distribution industry is a easy step. No longer can I face my reflection everyday knowing I am participating in something that is unethical. Sweat shops and cheap labour are not a good fit with my self esteem, pride or business ethic. Seeing as our society  chooses on a daily basis to contribute to this industry I have no choice but to stop feeding the beast, or at least choosing not to make it a career choice.

Moose project is a dream, one I've chosen to make a reality. My heritage is one of a long line of women who have made hand crafted creations. They put love and affection in all things made for family and friends. Craft rooms have been essential parts of homes. 

My mother used to wood work and paint, finishing with jewellery. She would drag me along as a child to craft fairs held in church basements  and arena's. 

I am taking my memories and turning them into my own business.  I want to live a life I take pride in and make things for people who will love them.  Introducing MOOSE PROJECT. Keep a close eye. New creations will be offered fresh from my studio located in Montreal, Quebec.


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